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ERP System Solution

ERP System Solution

As we always focusing on solutions providing for enterprises, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a core solution Amarouse introduce it. With experience of more than a year in the industry field, we have provided ERP system solutions for 4 enterprises to leverage the barriers that prevent business objectives achievements.
Moreover, we have designed EasyERP solution for small and medium sized enterprises (SME). EasyERP is a new level in Sudan market aiming to make ERP system available to various sort of enterprises with least and affordable cost beside leverage the current struggles in the market through renting. It’s a semi SaaS (Software as a Service) combined with on-line and off-line approach.
We are dedicating our efforts in Sudan’s market to be recognized as best ERP suppliers. Soon will extends to neighbor countries’ market.
*Easy ERP
As Sudan struggling from the lack of high speed internet, it is roughly impossible to provide ERP system in SaaS (Software as a Service) model through usage of cloud computing concept. As result, the business model changed to hold ERP as native system that installed locally inside the enterprise/institution instead of cloud based service. Also, that changed the business model of ERP system providers to on-price sell. As result, small and medium enterprises cannot afford it due to the high cost of the system. EasyERP is categorized into four main categories, each one targets certain business environment which are: Companies, Healthcare, Education, and Shops and Sales Center. Based on, the categories named:
EasyCare: for healthcare enterprises hospitals, clinic, nature healing center.
EasyEdu: dedicated to educational institutions and enterprises universities, schools (primary, high secondary), collages, institutions, etc.
EasyShop: generally dedicated for sale shop such as pharmacy, malls, markets, auto-spares shops, etc.
EasyCom: certainly dedicated for large enterprises and companies which has many departments with considerable amount of staffs.
As know that ERP consists of various modules, each one of EasyERP categories has a primary modules provided with the primary version. Extension of modules can be provided as customer needs with a few increasing in renting fees. In addition, more features are supported:
Daily database backup: So, in case of unexpected computer damage, the system can be restored within few hours.
Full support through contact and enquires during all week days.
Free training: the staff training before system releasing is included for free.
Free and continuous maintenance: We are holding the responsibility of fixing any bugs or errors appears within the ERP system.

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